• It's time to Change The Game

    The speed at which the world is changing inspires us
    to adapt quickly, with accurate and responsive insight.

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  • The Most Influential Brands in Canada

    They change the way we shop, how we interact, and
    what we do in our everyday lives. See which brands
    influenced Canadians most in 2014 and why.

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  • Have Your Say @ IMHOIpsos

    In My Humble Opinion (IMHOIpsos) is a forum for
    engaged Canadians on politics, social issues, and more...

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  • Make the right decisions at every
    step of your advertising campaign.

    Ipsos ASI offers a suite of research solutions to guide in the development,
    evaluation and improvement of your advertising efforts.

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  • Win where it counts most: in customers' spending!

    Discover how to win your customers' hearts,
    minds and wallets and stay ahead of your competitors
    in Ipsos Loyalty's new book, The Wallet Allocation Rule,
    a New York Times bestseller!

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  • We turn 40 this year!

    We've come a long way since 1975,
    and look forward to continuing to change
    the game of research with you throughout
    2015 and beyond.

  • Want deeper, richer insights?

    Ipsos' neuroscience solutions add a new perspective
    to evaluations of advertising, brand perceptions
    and shopper experience.

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IMHO @ Ipsos

In My Humble Opinion (IMHOIpsos) is a forum for engaged Canadians on politics, social issues, and more.

Knowledge & Ideas

The Wallet Allocation Rule


View this recorded presentation to hear Ipsos Loyalty's Global Chief Strategy Officer, Timothy Keiningham, a co-author of New York Times bestseller The Wallet Allocation Rule, discuss some of the research and insights that went into the...

8 Tips to Encourage Your E-Shopper


Having conducted a large number of e-commerce website evaluations in different product categories and different countries, Ipsos UU has identified eight useful tips for a successful e-shopping experience. Tip #1 – hierarchy of information is key and...