• How Well Do You Know Canada?

    In celebration of Canada Day, we asked Canadians what they
    knew about Canada. Their answers (and which province
    is the most knowledgeable) may surprise you!

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  • Ipsos ASI becomes Ipsos Connect.

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  • Engagement in the Digital Economy

    91% of Canadians access the internet at home, but only
    four in ten users are highly engaged in the digital economy.
    What's behind the digital divide?

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  • The Most Influential Brands in Canada

    These brands impact the way we shop, how we interact with people,
    and what we do in our everyday lives. Find out the ten brands that
    influenced Canadians in 2015—and how they did it.

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  • Want to ask consumers questions at the exact
    moment you're interested in? Now you can!

    Thanks to mobile technology, you can get closer to the
    real thoughts and experiences of consumers.

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  • FIVE's daily tracking captures consumption
    behaviour and attitudes from over
    20,000 individual consumers annually.

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  • Insight Cloud

    The Insight Cloud is an 'always on' social intelligence platform
    created specifically for clients to access, store, curate, connect,
    visualize, nurture and socialize insights.

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  • Have Your Say @ IMHOIpsos

    In My Humble Opinion (IMHOIpsos) is a forum for
    engaged Canadians on politics, social issues, and more...

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IMHO @ Ipsos

In My Humble Opinion (IMHOIpsos) is a forum for engaged Canadians on politics, social issues, and more.

News & Polls Canada

Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brands in Canada Revealed for 2017

Toronto, ON– A new Ipsos survey for Reader’s Digest has unveiled which brands Canadians trust most in a variety of categories, from banks to sunscreen to cars. The annual survey asks Canadians on an open-ended basis which brands... 

Knowledge & Ideas

Ipsos FIVE Monthly Fact – January 2017


Companies across Canada rely on Ipsos FIVE's daily tracking of what individuals eat and drink. Our robust sample detailing the consumption behaviour and attitudes of 20,000 Canadians annually trended over time, coupled with the experience and...

FFWD: Ipsos Brand Influence Study


Ipsos and the ICA reveal Top 10 Most Influential Brands in Canada for 2016 at the ICA’s 2017 FFWD Advertising & Marketing Week. Discover the 10 most influential brands in the country and the factors that drive this influence and how they differ by...