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Inquiring minds. Passionate about research.

Who we are

Ipsos is Canada's leading survey-based marketing research firm. With offices in 86 countries, we live and work in the world's largest markets and do business anywhere we're called on.

What we do

We know brands, how to develop them and how to build them. We assess market potential and interpret market trends. We help our clients build long-term relationships with their customers and employees. We measure public opinion. We help our clients leverage the power of mobile by collecting in-the-moment consumer feedback from shoppers as they engage with your brands. We go beyond the obvious, measuring emotional reaction of consumers through the most advanced neuroscience methodology available anywhere. We use Hot and Cold qualitative research techniques to distill the insights that get to the truth about real life and real people. We answer the age-old question: are my advertising dollars well spent? From lab to live, rely on foundational research to refine your idea, pre-test creative, and measure in-market impact and engagement.

The Ipsos difference

We go beyond the numbers to identify a course of action that will lead to stronger in-market results.

We always challenge, provoke and stimulate your thinking.

Gary Bennewies
Country Manager
Ipsos Canada

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