About Ipsos In Canada

Inquiring minds. Passionate about research.

Who we are

Ipsos is one of the world's leading survey-based marketing research firms. We live and work in the largest markets and do business anywhere we're called on.

What we do

We know brands, how to develop them and how to build them. We assess market potential and interpret market trends. We help our clients build long-term relationships with their customers and employees. We test advertising and study audience responses to various media. We measure public opinion around the globe.

The Ipsos difference

We go beyond the numbers to identify a course of action that will lead to stronger in-market results.

We always challenge, provoke and stimulate your thinking.

People are complex; research shouldn't be.

We know what drives your business, because we have worked in your industry, and quite likely at one time for your company.

We also understand that individuals are complex; confident one minute, uncertain the next. They can say one thing and mean another.

But insightful research can solve arguments.

Let us show you how and help you grow your business.

Gary Bennewies
Country Manager
Ipsos Canada

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