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Your Customers Are Not Even Being Honest with Themselves: A Webinar to Help You Get to the Truth


On the one hand, Samantha thinks of herself as a so-called fitness enthusiast, sporting her Fitbit and Under Armour gear. But at night, she is reaching for high calorie snacks and butter drenched popcorn. At Ipsos, we unleash those raw, deep...

Translating Brand Value into Tangible Customer Experiences: A Webinar About Aligning Brand and the Customer Journey


Today's marketplace is crowded with competitors, where brands require a clear understanding of their value propositions and aspirations to succeed. But how does an organization translate the pillars of their brand into tangible customer experiences?...     

Public Perspectives: Immigration and Refugees

Public Affairs

Canadians are among the most open to immigration and refugees, consistently expressing greater levels of positive opinion on immigration and refugees than residents in most of the other 21 countries surveyed in our study. There are however, some...     

Sébastien Dallaire on the Unconventional White House Race

Public Affairs

Sébastien Dallaire of Ipsos explains the numbers game in this highly unconventional race for the White House.     

Conversations with 12-29 Year Olds


Today’s young people seem to have a more balanced approach to life, living in the moment while avoiding debt. How do we know this? Because we asked! In 2013, we conducted an in-depth qualitative research study of Millennials. Earlier this summer...     

Public Perspectives: Post-Brexit Attitudes

Public Affairs

As the dust settles after the UK’s ‘Brexit’ vote on independence from the European Union, we explore the reactions to, and impact of the vote across 16 countries, including Canada.     

Canadian Snacking Nation 2016


Whether you call it snacking or grazing, more than two-thirds (67%) of all consumption occasions occur outside of traditional meals. Though the majority of Canadians continue to adhere to some form of ‘three square meals’ a day, a growing number of...     

When do lions praise penguins? And who thinks about Christmas in June? Advertisers do!


In the third week of June those involved in the advertising industry turn their attention to the south of France and Cannes. This year, the level of creativity cannot be argued – from a beer company selling “Brewtroleum” in Australia to an American...     

Public Perspectives: Canadians and the North American Free Trade Agreement

Public Affairs

On the week of the Republican Convention, and as Donald Trump (if elected President), is poised to renegotiate or break NAFTA, we asked Canadians’ for their views on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and if they think the agreement...     

Exploring What Drives Us: A Webinar Featuring Ipsos’ MRIA Presentations


Recorded Date: Thursday, July 14, 2016
At Ipsos, curiosity about human behaviour inspires each of our researchers to uncover truths and meaning behind the data. And like...     

Sébastien Dallaire on The Index of Ignorance

Public Affairs

In this clip Sébastien Dallaire discusses Ipsos’ Perils of Perceptions study, which highlights gaps in public perceptions and reality regarding key national and provincial issues in Canada.     

Public Perspectives: Is Brexit a Reflection of What is to Come?

Public Affairs

Is Brexit just the tip of the iceberg, a foretelling of the potential for significant social and political upheaval in the short and medium-term? Our latest Public Perspectives report examines this possibility, with recent Ipsos data showing a...