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Communication In The Connected Edge


In this paper, our colleagues from the UK discuss why simplicity is essential to brand success in the connected world and why brands that have simplicity of purpose, communications and service will be the ones that succeed above others.

Beyond The Hype: The Value of Emotional Advertising


From our colleagues in the UK, this paper offers five case studies examining ad campaigns which achieved the highest level of emotional engagement in 2014. And yes, Apple was among them.     

Making Real Time the Right Time


Sharing two examples – Kleenex and Lurpak – this paper from our UK colleagues, helps define success metrics for real time marketing. Spoiler alert: data provides the opportunity for greater creativity and innovation.     

Three Case Studies on Reaching Millennials


With their significant purchasing power compounded by an ability to influence success in-market, Millennials are a major part of a brand’s future. To help guide marketers in their product development efforts, I recently held a webinar that showcased...     

The Two Sides of Millennials & Politics

Public Affairs

Many pundits point to the fact that Millennials in Canada are much less likely than Gen Xers or Boomers to vote as evidence that younger Canadians are disengaged from politics. While the facts on youth voting behaviour are indisputable, assuming...     

One Track Minded: Neuroscience in Advertising Measurement


These days, with new research methodologies popping up at a rapid pace, it’s clear that our industry is transforming faster than we’ve ever seen before. Neuroscience is one area that has rightly garnered a lot of attention, with methods such as EEG,...     

BC's Most Loved Brands of 2015


View this recorded presentation to hear Ipsos' Michael Rodenburgh count-down to BC's Most Loved Brands of 2015. Conducted in partnership with BC Business, this year's study ranked over 65 BC-led and managed brands to determine which British...     

Grocery Shopping Path-to-Purchase


In this paper we offer a detailed picture of how consumers go about purchasing groceries for the household. To optimize sales, retailers need to fully understand the entire shopping journey of a consumer in order to maximize share of wallet....     

Keeping the Spark Alive with Consumers


We interact with brands every day. In fact, I’m sure you’re doing exactly that even as you are reading this! While some fall short in creating an emotional connection with us, others make a greater impact. These brands help us with our daily lives....     

A Live TV Nation

Media, Content and Technology

Here’s a fact I bet you didn’t expect. While the media landscape continues to provide endless new ways to watch, listen and browse content, Canadians mainly engage with live television. Ipsos’ Canadian Media Landscape study (a study designed to...     

8 Tips to Encourage Your E-Shopper


Having conducted a large number of e-commerce website evaluations in different product categories and different countries, Ipsos UU has identified eight useful tips for a successful e-shopping experience. Tip #1 – hierarchy of information is key and...     

Using 'Exclusivity' to Drive Customer Growth


“VIP.” “Private.” “Wait List.” “By Invitation Only.” These words create a sense of mystique, desirability, exclusivity, and scarcity in the hearts and minds of anyone who sees or hears them. “I must get access” is the first typical emotional...     

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