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The Rise of Branded Content: The Top 3 Considerations


There has been a lot of buzz in marketing circles about branded content over the last year or so. It’s hard to open an industry publication or even your own LinkedIn account without reading or seeing something about this ever-increasingly important...

Canada: The Next 40 Years

Public Affairs

At Ipsos we take our role as truth seekers and keepers of the public record very seriously. For our 40th anniversary, we decided to ask some of our clients and partners for their views of the future: what makes them optimistic, and what trends they...     

The Evolution of Snacking


Originally published in Canadian Grocer (September/October 2015), this article offers research insights into our ‘on demand’ eat what you want, when you want food choices craving culture. Even those who eat three square meals a day are snacking.     

Conversations with High Net Worth Canadians


Conversations is Ipsos UU’s qualitative exploration focusing on specific population segments. With this...     

Millennials: A 2015 Ipsos Fact Sheet


With their significant purchasing power compounded by an ability to influence success in-market, Millennials are a major part of a brand’s future. Ipsos offers a wide range of syndicated insights into the behaviours and attitudes of Canada’s...     

5 Things the Digital Pulse Survey Has Taught Us


Marketing Magazine, September 8, 2015 – In this article, Steve Levy discusses results from Ipsos’ annual Digital Pulse Survey. “I often hear people make the claim that email is dead or dying. That’s not true in this country,” says Levy. Email...     

'How to' be the Biggest or Best


A client recently asked me an interesting do I make our brand #1? While there are a lot of big brands out there, which is the biggest? The "best"? What does it mean for a brand to be the biggest or best brand – the #1 brand? And if...     

It Pays to be Liked


Customer expectations and technology are changing faster than ever before, yet our financial institutions have continued to impress by being able to maintain high levels of customer service across all points of interaction.     

Understanding Society & What We Worry About

Public Affairs

The world is scary, and getting scarier – at least that's what we believe. Eight in ten (83%) of the nearly 18,000 people from 24 countries that we surveyed said the world has become more dangerous over the last year. Thankfully, Canadians are not...     

Should Coding Be Compulsory for Kids?

Public Affairs

The Globe & Mail, August 24, 2015 – For today’s parents, looking for ways to give our kids an advantage in the business world has nearly turned into a competitive sport. While at one point this may have meant enrolling your kindergarten-aged child...     

Canadian Inter@ctive Trends Report

Media, Content and Technology

As the longest running authoritative study of the Internet in Canada, the Ipsos Canadian Inter@ctive Reid Report has been tracking online behaviour and identifying technological trends among Online Canadians since 1995. From social media to mobile...     

Healthcare on the Minds of Canadians

Public Affairs

Canadians have identified healthcare as a top issue of national concern since the 1990’s, but public expectations of the healthcare system continue to evolve and priorities continue to change. This infographic illustrates that results of an Ipsos...     

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