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Public Perspectives: Americans Assess the Direction of their Country

Public Affairs

Despite the protests and the media coverage since Trump’s election, the proportion of Americans who believe the country is heading in the right direction has increased over the past month.     

The Most Influential Brands in Canada


Some have it; some don’t. The question is, which brands in Canada enjoy the kind of influence where consumers identify so highly with them, we couldn’t imagine our lives without them? Ipsos’ Steve Levy shares Canada’s Top 10 of...     

#NoMoreBoringSurveys: A Webinar Case Study Illustrating When & How to Gamify Your Research


Need to better understand your customers, employees, citizens or stakeholders? A Custom Panel offers an ongoing survey environment with regular access to your panelists for quick screenings, deep dives, longitudinal surveys or ad-hoc qualitative...     

Public Perspectives: Canadians Assess the Economy, Their Personal Finances and Their Top Issues

Public Affairs

Canadians are becoming more skeptical in their views of the country direction and economic conditions as we move into 2017. We’re also seeing some stark differences in economic assessments and perceived national issue priorities, which will make...     

Ipsos FIVE Monthly Fact – January 2017


Companies across Canada rely on Ipsos FIVE's daily tracking of what individuals eat and drink. Our robust sample detailing the consumption behaviour and attitudes of 20,000 Canadians annually trended over time, coupled with the experience and...     

Public Perspectives: Year-End Country Satisfaction and Attitudes Towards the Economy

Public Affairs

Canadians are ending the year with the highest level of country satisfaction since 2010, and their attitudes toward the national and regional economies are increasingly positive.     

Neuromarketing: Your Brain on Advertising


In this video interview segment hosted by St Joseph Communications’ Michael Chase, we hear from Elissa Moses who discusses the science of neuromarketing and how the brain engages with both print and digital advertising channels.     

U.S. Election 2016: What Happened? What’s Next?

Public Affairs

Through the course of the year, Ipsos' team of political experts hosted a monthly series of thought-provoking webinars examining key election dynamics and players, offering perspective on the issues as they emerged. View this special post-election...     

Device Agnostic: Why You Need to Transform Now


Device agnostic is today, not tomorrow. This paper showcases Ipsos’ latest research on research about device agnostic, offers practical advice for designing device agnostic surveys, and highlights new research applications that are now possible.     

Public Perspectives: Canadian Attitudes Toward the U.S. Election Outcome

Public Affairs

Although Canadians see Trump’s win as having a largely negative impact on Canada, U.S. and the world, a majority agree that they understand the underlying anger in America that led to the U.S. election outcome. Canadians are not opposed to a...     

Feeding Your Need For Insight: A Webinar Featuring Food & Beverage Consumption Trends in Canada


During this recorded webinar (see the link below) we examine the evolving food and beverage consumption trends in Canada. Back in the good old days, what to eat and drink used to be such an easy decision, often dictated by weekly rituals, routines...     

Understanding Perception & Experience


In this video interview segment hosted by St Joseph Communications’ Michael Chase, we hear from Steve Levy who sheds light on a number of topics including (1) what drives influence within a brand, in Canada and around the world, and (2) the massive...