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Should Coding Be Compulsory for Kids?

Public Affairs

The Globe & Mail, August 24, 2015 – For today’s parents, looking for ways to give our kids an advantage in the business world has nearly turned into a competitive sport. While at one point this may have meant enrolling your kindergarten-aged child...

Canadian Inter@ctive Trends Report

Media, Content and Technology

As the longest running authoritative study of the Internet in Canada, the Ipsos Canadian Inter@ctive Reid Report has been tracking online behaviour and identifying technological trends among Online Canadians since 1995. From social media to mobile...     

Healthcare on the Minds of Canadians

Public Affairs

Canadians have identified healthcare as a top issue of national concern since the 1990’s, but public expectations of the healthcare system continue to evolve and priorities continue to change. This infographic illustrates that results of an Ipsos...     

3 Pillars to Strengthen Your Social Programs

Public Affairs

Corporations have a great ability to ‘do good’ in the world – even more so than governments, given the wealth of resources and freedom to innovate outside of bureaucratic structures. Some would argue that beyond an ability to do good, corporations...     

TV Guide: What's Up Next for Viewers?


The world is becoming ever more mobile and this is having a major impact on the financial services industry. So what makes someone more likely than others to adopt mobile payment usage? What does the payments industry need to address in order to...     

Full House: Engaging Today’s Player in Canadian Casinos


Featured as the cover story in Canadian Gaming Business, Vol 10 No 2, this article reveals recent research examining the attitudes and behaviours of casino goers across Canada. This is critical reading for all entertainment based industries given...     

Designing Authentic, Credible, and Effective Corporate Social Programs

Public Affairs

Corporate sustainability or social responsibility programs have benefits beyond being a responsible member of the global community. In addition to delivering a reputational boost, carefully designed actions can strengthen the long-term viability of...     

Which Sponsorship Partnerships Are Tops With Canadians?


Marketing Magazine, July 7, 2015 – This article features new research which determines the emotional connection between consumers and sponsorships.     

The Positive Side of Multi-Tasking


In late May, the 2015 MRIA National Conference in Toronto brought together industry professionals from the advertising, media, marketing and research worlds. The three day summit, which was hosted by the MRIA and also sponsored by Ipsos, focused on...     

Determining Strength of Conviction


Implicit Reaction Time is a well-established methodology that is used internationally by academia and market research alike to determine the unconscious strength of associations. Ipsos’ advanced version of this method relies upon the measured...     

The Future Is Now


In the movie Minority Report, Tom Cruise’s character is asked by a holographic store clerk upon entering a futuristic version of The Gap “How did those assorted tank tops work out for you”? That’s right, even Tom Cruise of the future gets solicited...     

Canadians Spend Half A Billion on Golf Products


While competition is intense among brands, the choice of where Canadians shop for golf products comes down to one clear market leader, Golf Town. According to recent Ipsos research, approximately 4-in-10 golfers nationally choose the retailer when...     

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