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Ipsos is a research partner to the world's leading brands.
The Company specializes in advertising, loyalty, marketing, media, and public affairs research.

  • We know brands, how to develop them and how to build them.
  • We assess marketing potential and interpret market trends.
  • We help our clients build long-term relationships with their customers.
  • We test advertising and study audience responses to various media and we measure public opinion around the globe.

Our Methodology

Our innovative methodologies continuously evolve with our clients' research needs. We employ every avenue available to truly connect with your audiences—from the traditional to the cutting-edge. Our qualitative and quantitative methodologies capture insight from every angle: online and offline, in-person and interactive—and they can always be customized to reach your business goals.

Our Methodology

Syndicated Studies

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Featured Products & Tools

  • Canadian Omnibus Services

    Ipsos Omnibus surveys are fast turnaround research vehicles for getting the answers you need nationally, provincially, or even by market segment.

  • Brand Shout

    Brand Shout is real-time, mobile-powered research revealing how consumers interact with and respond to your brand's touchpoints in the moment.

  • Global @dvisor

    A 20+ country, online, monthly, syndicated research service, the Global @dvisor platform is used to produce syndicated reports and studies specifically tailored to the needs of corporation, advertising and PR agencies, and governments.

  • The Most Influential Brands

    The Most Influential Brands offers a case study perspective on the dimensions that drive each brand’s influence.