Ipsos Marketing offers a wide range of sector-based research expertise throughout the innovation and brand development process. We provide integrated qualitative and quantitative research solutions, as well as advanced modelling and forecasting techniques that include simulations and linkages to in-market data.

Featured Products & Tools

  • Gaming With Millennials Syndicated Study 2014 Canada

    The Emerging Market consists of young adults aged 18–34. They have been sought after by marketers across industries as they are characterized as having a large amount of discretionary income and a passion for consumer goods.

  • Ipsos EyeJournal

    Ipsos has developed EyeJournal – a new, innovative online qualitative research tool that engages respondents to develop a heightened awareness of why they do what they do or think what they think, and allows them to share that with us.

  • ACT: Alcohol Consumption Tracker

    ACT is subscribed to by market leaders in the Beer, Wine, Spirits, Cider, Cooler and Pre-mixed Cocktail categories towards gaining expanded insight into the consumption behaviour of Canadians.