Advertising Research

As an advertiser — regardless of how big or how small your budget is — you have important questions that need actionable answers.

Our commitment is to provide insights to advertisers to help in the development, evaluation, and improvement of their advertising efforts. In short – to maximize the return on advertising investments and build stronger brands.

You are asking:

  • Am I leveraging a truly BIG Idea?
  • Do I have the — Right message? Right consumer? Right objectives?
  • Am I utilizing the right touch points?
  • Am I getting the optimal return on my investment?

The line between advertising and content is blurring and clients now know that all communications is advertising. Our clients need to understand how to build and maintain their brands in the new world of paid, owned and earned communications. Brand and media owners need to gain the attention of audiences in a world where media and content choice is growing exponentially, and is increasingly fragmented.

In this environment, techniques we can use to answer their questions are changing rapidly; speed is getting faster, sometimes at the expense of detail; and information delivery is more concise, with insight, not just data.