Ipsos Connect|digital

Why test Digital?

According to the IAB:

  • Creative is still the key driver of success in the digital space
  • Most online ads are missing the key creative elements that define success in TV advertising – and when these elements are present, online campaigns are more likely to be successful
  • Most digital advertising focuses on delivering a price message rather than generating an emotional bond with the brand

We have products and processes to help in the development and evaluation of your digital offer (digital ads, digital campaigns or digital as part of a multi-media campaign).

  1. Early Stage Concept Evaluation – to evaluate ideas:
    • Qualitative
      Our Ipsos Understanding Unlimited Moderators are fully trained in techniques designed to probe digital concepts
    • Digital Big Idea
      This proprietary Quant/Qual tool, will help you understand whether your digital idea can:
      • Engage – resonate with target group?
      • Connect – generate a favourable consumer response?
      • Activate – is multi-faceted enough to build an enduring digital (or multi-media) campaign around?
  2. Ad/Campaign Evaluation:
    • AdLab is a proven Quant/Qual tool – It’s fast, flexible. It can evaluate individual executions, or campaigns, at any level of finish; results can be viewed in "real time".
    • Live|Test – With this breakthrough made for digital methodology we use a controlled live environment. Test ads appear on live websites and respondents see them as part of their internet browsing. Our standard Connect measures (Test vs. Control) are part of the deliverable – Media Behaviour measures can also be collected and overlaid.
  3. In-Market Evaluation:
    • BrandGraph Digital – Our proven validated tracking system delivers measures of the true impact of digital advertising. We pre-identify respondents who have had an opportunity to see your digital ads/assets.
    • We know in advance that our respondents are in your target and have been exposed to your ads/assets.