BrandGraph Digital

In the emerging Digital space – the questions are becoming increasingly complex.

It’s not just about whether new media “work” or not – the
question is: “How best can I utilize these new touch points to
drive business results?”

You need to know:

  • How are my digital assets being consumed online?
  • Are these touch points delivering to my objectives - compared
    to alternate uses of my advertising budget?

With BrandGraph Digital – we can deliver meaningful answers, specifically linked to your Digital advertising.

The Ipsos Connect digital advantage:

  • already proven and validated tracking system, including Norms
  • extensive brand equity and advertising research expertise, including digital advertising
  • emphasis on deriving true impact of advertising on a brand, not asking consumers to claim whether they think an ad or ad medium is impacting their perception of, or purchase behaviour towards, a brand

How it works:

  • We have exclusive partnerships with owners of Internet sites that cover virtually all the web traffic in Canada.
  • We identify people exposed to digital ads/assets by “tagging” the ads/assets and identifying any site where they have been exposed to that ad/asset. We know they have been exposed to your ad before we interview them.