In-Market Solutions

Ipsos Connect In-Market Solutions Will Help You Make Better Marketing Decisions

As an advertiser – regardless of how big or how small your budget is – you have important questions that need actionable answers.

  • How can I make my brand better?
  • What can I leverage in my strategy to beat competitors?
  • How can I fine tune my marketing message?
  • Is my current target group the most profitable one?
  • How are competitor initiatives resonating with my customers?
  • What is the best way to allocate my media dollars?

Ipsos Connect In-Market Solutions will help you optimize your marketing programs by helping you use your communication dollars better…through greater efficiency and greater efficacy.

We will help you build your brand and save money. Our systems will give you actionable insights into:

  1. What to say
  2. Why say it (which strategy/objective is most leveragable)
  3. To whom to say it (target)
  4. How/Where to say it (which touch points)

Our modular options ensure that you get customized bespoke solutions and only pay for what you need.

What makes Ipsos Connect different?

Our team of experienced leaders is exclusively focused on advertising effectiveness research and brand health/ equity research. We are the Tracking market leader in Canada, AND the Canadian office of Ipsos Connect is recognized as the Centre-of-Excellence for In-market solutions globally within Ipsos. We have helped hundreds of Canada’s biggest brands to have better advertising.

  • We have integrated solutions that seamlessly link testing and tracking metrics
    • Supported by norms and in-market validation
    • Backed by Global R&D
  • Our global presence ensures consistency in ALL your markets
  • Our approach to measuring advertising breakthrough with PROVEN RECALL is the industry standard

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