Behavioural Tracking and Consumption Studies

Customers are never static, and neither is your business. To compete, and to separate the hype from prevailing market realities, you need to know not only what is selling, but also who is buying, and why.

Using continuous consumer purchase panels, Ipsos Reid’s Behavioural Tracking services are the comprehensive source for understanding buyer dynamics. By closely monitoring purchase characteristics such as trial and repeat, combination purchasing, deal switching, brand shifting, and market basket, Ipsos Reid’s Behavioural Tracking service enables your business to respond to measured—not inferred—Behavioural changes before they negatively impact the overall health of a product, brand or franchise.

Ipsos Reid hosts Canada’s largest pre-recruited household and online panels to deliver supply, reliable, and category-specific insights that enable you to respond to your market and chart your course for future growth. Ipsos Reid also designs custom proprietary panels for clients who face exceptional in-market conditions and provides the professional, discrete information required to maintain your leadership position.

Our data is collected from the category up, rather than across all categories, by knowledgeable client service teams dedicated to your industry. The result is longitudinal marketing insights tailored to your business that produce a demonstrable competitive advantage for your brand.