Concept Testing and New Product Development

Bringing your ideas out of the boardroom and into the marketplace is risky and costly. The assurance that your new concept or product will yield the necessary return on investment is priceless.

Ipsos’ highly sophisticated analytical and methodological arsenal addresses your unique challenges and delivers the relevant, accurate information you need to develop and launch new market offerings or reconfigure existing ones. Use Ipsos to test your concept or product in the most relevant way for your business. Choose from monadic, proto-monadic, paired comparison, and sequential monadic tests, delivered with the expertise of Ipsos Reid's market research leaders.

Our range of applications can answer which attributes increase satisfaction and are most important, what drives consumer preference of one product over another, how changing positioning, formulation pricing, or line-up changes consumer interest. Depending on your objectives, you'll also be able to assess your product’s performance during development, benchmark your product against the competition, and forecast revenue and incremental volume.

With more than fifty years of product testing experience, Ipsos offers custom and tracking research solutions that will give your concept or product every advantage in a competitive marketplace.