Consumer Goods Research

Hundreds of thousands of products line the shelves or supermarkets, big box retailers, and other retail outlets, while thousands of new items are lined up to assume the place of products that cannot compete. Information, innovation, and the ability to be proactive as well as responsive to the marketplace are the keys to survival in the highly competitive arena of consumer packaged goods. And success means a return on your investment – whether you are making decisions about the direction of an established brand or introducing a new product or line extension.

But how do you keep track of your customers' perceptions of your brand and the competitive landscape? How can you be sure that your newest concept ideas meet their needs or changes in your product or packaging do not disappoint?

Ipsos offers a range of innovative and validated research products that give you clear insights into the minds of consumers, revealing their needs and expectations, and providing you with actionable information for strategic planning and tactical decision making. Our packaged goods research specialists understand the dynamics of your sector and have experience providing effective marketing advice to many of the world's biggest brands.