Energy & Utilities Research

With constant change, shifting consumer trends and brand perceptions, new technology developments, diverse and demanding stakeholders, fierce competition, and complex industry regulations, the energy sector is unlike any other. To succeed in this volatile climate, you need research solutions that help you anticipate change and strategies that drive measurable business growth.

Energy companies who best understand their marketplace and successfully leverage that knowledge to build relationships with new and potential customers will be richly rewarded in this dynamic landscape. The energy specialists at Ipsos Reid understand your industry and offer strategic business acumen that impacts your bottom-line.

Ipsos Reid conducts both custom and syndicated energy research projects, marshalling the talents of highly motivated, tightly focused energy experts based in Calgary and Houston.

Ipsos Reid offers knowledge-based energy consulting supported by leading-edge market research tools. We provide in-depth industry knowledge and an understanding of the complete range of industry issues – customer, regulatory investment, technical, and environmental – to deliver unparalleled insight that gives you a competitive edge.