Forecasting and Modelling

With the pace of change in today’s market, no company can afford to stand still. To compete, businesses need to manage the risks in launching new products or services or restaging existing brands, and optimize existing products and services for the highest return on investment. Numbers and intuition won’t guide savvy product management and development decisions; you need in-depth analysis that gives you a competitive edge.

Ipsos boasts a comprehensive market research system that integrates consumer behaviour with advanced marketing models and statistical methods and allows us to forecast demand and optimize product and service configurations with exceptional accuracy. Our services and systems also measure price elasticity, simulate competitive actions, evaluate alternative marketing plans, and identify profitable market segments to target.

Our worldwide experience, network of experts, and quality consistency give our clients a substantial competitive edge at all market levels. At Ipsos, we are committed to thoroughly understanding the nuances of each client’s business and industry. Our consulting teams consistently produce actionable recommendations to support and enhance their clients’ business objectives.