Health & Pharmaceuticals Research

Patients are becoming increasingly informed and aware of drug advertising, treatment options, and competing over-the-counter and prescription offerings. The empowered health consumer is changing the landscape of the health industry for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, employers, insurers, and your business. Understanding the influence and opinion of physicians and patients has never been more critical to achieving success in the health sector.

Whether your company or organization is trying to evaluate pipeline potential, position a new drug, assess the potential of an untapped market, identify the price-demand relationship for a product or understand how physicians and patients actually use your product, the health industry experts at Ipsos Reid can give you the strategic guidance you need to build brands and optimize sales potential.

Ipsos Reid has full capabilities to conduct physician, patient, and even animal health research. Our quantitative and qualitative expertise spans the world. We have patient panels in North America and Europe, as well as online physician panels in the U.S. and Canada. We also regularly seek out the opinions of pharmacists, employers, insurers, consultants and nurses, ensuring that your business has the insights required to thrive in the modern health environment.