Public Consultation and Engagement

Ipsos Public Affairs utilizes a range of public consultation and engagement strategies to design and deliver custom solutions for our clients.

What is Citizen Engagement?

Citizen engagement is a two-way dialogue between citizens and government about policy and program decisions, including: agenda setting, planning, decision-making, implementation, and evaluation.

Why Citizen Engagement?

When to Use Citizen Engagement?

For any program, policy or communication strategy or tool that requires review, input or deliberation from the public. Citizen engagement is appropriate during any or all stages of program, policy, or communication development process.

Ipsos Approach to Public Consultation & Engagement

Ipsos’ approach to public consultation and engagement is providing custom solutions that focus on:

  • Creating forums which encourage citizens to reflect on issues
  • Generating active participation and innovative ideas
  • Contributing to problem solving and prioritization

Ipsos takes a blended approach (in-person and online strategies) for citizen engagement:

In-Person Engagement:

  • Features town hall meetings, citizen dialogue sessions, citizen deliberation sessions, and citizen panels
  • Face to face collaboration with your stakeholders
  • Facilitating in-depth dialogue between citizens with diverse interests

Online Engagement:

  • Features Ideation and online community forums
  • Broader geographical reach to citizens and potential to reach a broader number of citizens
  • Easy and accessible way for citizens to engage with our clients